About us

Martijn Beenen

An introduction to Martijn Beenen

After having studied subjects like sales, marketing, economy and business administration, Martijn Beenen wished to deepen his knowledge and he added web marketing, financial management and other related subjects to his studies.

Martijn gained a wide experience in the media and entertainment industry, was responsible for product promotions, sponsoring and for marketing and entertainment partnerships. He has been working in advisory functions for BP, Disney on Ice, Hornbach, EMI Music and other large organizations. In 2014 he was asked to develop the media strategy for the 2015 European Ladies Volleyball Championships.

As a marketing and media consultant such he developed the marketing and media strategy for a number of exhibitions, among which Body Worlds, Da Vinci – The Joy of Understanding, 1001 Inventions, Living Dinosaurs, Da Vinci – The Genius and The Power Of Poison. Martijn worked as a media advisor for the exhibition NASA – A Human Adventure.

Martijn Beenen is highly appreciated for his spirit of enterprise and his depth of knowledge of the entertainment and infotainment market. In addition, he is recommended for being a dynamic and driven person, who strives for and succeeds in gaining profitable commercial results for the projects he manages.

Paul Koster

An introduction to Paul Koster

For about thirty years Paul Koster has been active in the production, PR and promotion of a wide variety of events, among which exhibitions, music festivals, concerts, family entertainment and corporate events. Having been successful in the Benelux, where he built an extensive international network, he extended his activities to St. Petersburg and Moscow. For about ten years now, he has been active all over Europe, with a focus on travelling exhibitions.

A number of Paul’s achievements in the course of the years:

  • Initiator and founder of the international lawn tennis tournament at Rosmalen, the Netherlands, which he set up from scratch in 1989;
  • For over 23 years he organized the American Disney on Ice shows (which travel all over the world) in a number of cities in the Netherlands and Belgium;
  • Since 2006 he has organized a number of events in Russia, among which one jazz festival in St.Petersburg, an exhibition tour of the renowned Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, the ‘future’ exhibition Max Planck Science Tunnel 3.0 and a tour of the exhibition Da Vinci – The Genius;
  • In the past few years he has successfully organized exhibitions in our country. In addition to Da Vinci – The Genius, which attracted 120,000 visitors within a period of 4 months (Rotterdam), he organized The Terracotta Warriors (The Hague), was involved in Rembrandt – All His Paintings (Amsterdam) and various other events.

In the course of his career, Paul has gained a wide experience in the organization of all sorts of events. He is known and highly valued for his professional approach, his inexhaustible energy, creative ideas, contagious enthusiasm and his drive to bring whatever challenge he encounters to a successful and profitable end.

Paul partnered with Martijn Beenen in 2013. Together they are working on three Brand New expo’s of which ‘Art Detectives’ is the first one to see the light.